An Amazing Year by Tony Piper

An Amazing Year

How I achieved my Personal Transformation


I started 2015 as obese, unfit, weak and inflexible. I'm in my late forties and thought I was beyond the point of no return. 

I was wrong. I ended the year lean, fit, strong and flexible. My weight dropped 26kg to 68kg, and my body fat dropped from 30% to 10%. 

This 8000-word ebook is the distillation of everything I learned about motivation, goals, nutrition, exercise, alcohol and the impact we have on people around us when we're inspiring them. It was originally sent as a series of blog posts over Christmas 2015 as a gift to family and friends and now I've turned it into an e-book so it's yours forever.

If my story inspires you, I hope this book will give you everything you need to have an amazing year for yourself.

What's included?

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Coaching for IT Professionals

Coaching is a powerful tool to help people grow. With my extensive industry and coaching experience, I can help you grow your career, become an effective leader, or plan and achieve a transition to something new.


What format is the ebook available in?

When you buy the ebook, you'll be able to download it in various formats - suitable for Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Nook and Kobo.