Coaching for IT Professionals

Coaching is a powerful tool to help people grow. With my extensive industry and coaching experience, I can help you grow your career, become an effective leader, or plan and achieve a transition to something new.

Year End Review Workshop

This short course is the perfect way for you to review the last 12 months, and identify priorities for the coming year.
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An Amazing Year

I started 2015 as obese, unfit, weak and inflexible. I'm in my late forties and thought I was beyond the point of no return.  I was wrong. I ended the year lean, fit, strong and flexible. My weight dropped 26kg to 68kg, and my body fat dropped from 30% to 10%.  This 8000-word ebook is the distillation of everything I learned about motivation, goals, nutrition, exercise, alcohol and the impact we have on people around us when we're inspiring them. It was originally sent as a series of blog posts over Christmas 2015 as a gift to family and friends and now I've turned it into an e-book so it's yours forever. If my story inspires you, I hope this book will give you everything you need to have an amazing year for yourself.
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Impact Mapping for Coaches

In this course, I'll teach you how to use the power of Impact Mapping to help your clients achieve massive success with their goals. As well as learning the Impact Mapping process, you'll also learn to use the best online tool for creating Impact Maps with your client, which can be used whether they are in the same room as you, or remote. You'll be able to collaborate during the session, and also use the map in ongoing sessions, to ensure that your client stays on track to achieve their goals.
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